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One Day Advice Podcast

Oct 14, 2021

Budgeting is no fun for too many reasons to mention. It's restrictive. In this episode, we present a new way to think about and/or manage your spending. A way that will actually be fun and get you better long-term results.

We provide you with questions to ask yourself, so that you can build a decision framework around...

Sep 24, 2021

Biden's recent Tax Plan Proposal contains many changes that will impact high-income earners. In this episode, Kyle Lynch from Clover Hill CPA joins Nick to discuss key takeaways from the proposal and timely action items to consider before year-end. Kyle also explains the strategy of the "Backdoor Roth" contribution, a...

Aug 18, 2021

Timely episode alert! You only have until 11/1/2021 to have a private LTC policy in place in order to opt-out and gain exemption from this payroll tax.

If you're a W-2 employee in the State of Washington, this episode is for you. I give an overview of the payroll tax, what it means to you, and what you can do to...

Aug 5, 2021

As the first part of our crypto series, we discuss the concept of stablecoins and how to leverage them as a potential cash alternative asset class. As of the recording, we are talking anywhere between 4-8% annual interest rate, accrued daily and paid out monthly!

We will discuss how they work and the risks involved.


Jul 8, 2021

In today's episode, we interview estate planning attorney Harkiran Sekhon of Sekhon Law, PLLC. Harkiran shares some of the common misconceptions around estate planning and what people can do to ensure that their estate is in order.
Plainly stated, if you're an adult you should have a plan for your estate! While planning...